Friday, November 13, 2009

One day!

Hi Everyone!

As you can see on my birthday counter that Hannah made for me, My birthday is in 1 DAY! AKA TOMORROW! :D I am SO excited! My family is, too! :D If I get a new doll, I will try to post a video of me opening her! :) Either way I will post a video of the stuff I got! :D I am just SO excited! LOL

My birthday is November 15th! :D Some people have been getting confused, so I thought I would say it in this post. :)



Jasmine said...

Oh, I can totally understand why!!!

Hannah said...

I am just as excited with you to see WHICH DOLL YOU GET!!!! I can't wait!

Madeline said...

Happy Birthday Quinlyn!!!! I hope you have a good one! From, Madeline and her dolls.

P.S. I linked to your website on mine! I mean you don't have to but can you visit my website? I'm not sure if you have or not.. :)

Miriam said...

So sorry,Quinlyn! I got your Birthday date wrong! :-/
So, it is the 14??? got your e-card early!
Sorry Again!

Koda said...

I hope you have a great day! Happy Birthday! Make sure to tell all of us on the MB and here what you got :)!!!!!! On your cound dow there is 3 hours (This is at 8 o'clock Pacific time)!!!!!!! Well have a GGGGRRRREEEEAAAATTTT Day.

Love Koda (From the agfan MB)