Monday, October 26, 2009

Tagged...more times than I can count!

Hi Everybody!

So...the title says it all! LOL I was tagged by several people, and I'm not sure if I am remembering everybody, but here are the people who I remember who tagged me:


And someone else I think, but sorry, I can't remember who! :( Anyways, thanks SO much guys for tagging me! :)

It was the tag where you tell a funny story, which I did before, but I am going to do it all over again! I have lots of funny stories! LOL I will give two in this post:

So one time, we (my grandmother (Mimi), me, and my mom) were making quilt squares for my cousin's baby quilt. We were putting iron-on appliques to one of the sqaures, and we had ironed one of them on. Then I said, "Um, I think we had better sew it on, too." Mimi said, "No, it's fine, it will hold!" then she picked on it a little bit to prove it. However, just as she picked on it twice and was saying something about it NOT coming off....IT CAME OFF! We were all laughing so hard! And yes, after that we sewed it. ;)

Another time, Michael and I were playing with Julie and Tommy. Tommy aparently had an invisible jetpack, and he gave one to Julie. She asked how she made it go and how to steer it, and he said, "Just take a step and then it will go up. To turn, point your arm the way you want to go." Julie said, "What if you arm is broken?" then Tommy said, "Then use the other arm." "What if that arm is broken?" "Use your leg." "What if your leg is broken?" "Use the other leg!" "What if the other leg is broken?" "Use your head!" "And what if your head is broken?"

"Then you don't need to be riding a jetpack at all!!!"

LOL!!!! So true!

I tag...everyone who wants to do it! :D



Coconut said...

I will do that one sometime!

Jasmine said...

Now you need to tag people Quinlyn

Joelle said...


You were supposed to post the quiz thing I posted but with your answers.

Joelle :)