Sunday, October 25, 2009


Hi Everyone!

First off, I want to tell you about Pandanda! :) It is a really awesome place kinda like Club Penguin, only it is pandas! In some ways I think it is better than CP. ;) It's where you can collect things, sell them, fish, and buy stuff for your panda to wear! You can also decorate your own treehouse! How cool is that?

Anyways, some of you may know that Pandanda went out of beta yesterday and officially launched! Beta was like a tester stage, and clothes and furniture and everything else was free. So that means that now that they are out of beta, everything isn't free anymore! :( But Pandanda is SOO cool and SO much better out of beta, it was worth it to me!
Beta participants (that is everyone who made an account while beta was still on) got a special discount on the one year membership! :D It was like $30 off what it is now! LOL But the night beta ended, my parents got Michael and I each a membership as an early birthday present!!!!!! :D I was sooooo excited and I still TOTALLY am! :D Thanks so much to my mom and dad! :D So that is the surprise! :D

You can still sign up for a free account, so you might want to try it out! :) If you do or if you already have an account, please comment below and tell me your username! :D

Currently Pandanda is having a launch party that you don't want to miss! :D

I just LOVE Pandanda! :D

And now I leave you with a picture:

~Quinlyn (AKA Qcicle)


Hannah said...

Awesome!!!! I haven't been on Pandanda since we went on together! LOL I don't really like Pandanda that much though.

Maggie said...

Hmm, I have never heard about that site before, but it sounds like something my little brother my might enjoy because he loves this stuff.

Jerica said...

Cool my username is Zella on Pandanda and Plumpy Lu on CP.

Hannah E. said...

I tagged you Quinlyn!

Coconut said...

I haven't visited it in forever! I'll check it out sometime!