Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kirsten's Second Assignment video for AGMA!

Hey Everyone!

As most of you know, Kirsten got in AGMA, American Girl Modeling Academy, which is the bigest AG doll modeling contest on YouTube! :D Here is her second assignment video (the theme was fall/autumn):

I hope you like it! I took the pictures yesterday! Fall is certainly among us! I love fall, with the bright leaves and gorgeous trees and pumpkins and apples and all sorts of things! :D Also, Fall is my birthday season! It is also Michael's birthday season! My birthday is in 29 DAYS! :D All day yesterday I went around saying, "my birthday is in 30 days! YAY!!" LOL

I hope Kirsten and I make it to Round 3! Good luck, everyone!



Jasmine said...

Those are so beautiful! I'd be in trouble if I had to do that contest because there are NO pretty colored leaves, nor any sunshine here in TN!

pioneerfan04 said...

Cute! Great photoshoot! Kirsten is so pretty! Good luck!

Hannah said...

Great job on Kirsten's photoshoot! Love the music LOL! Good luck!

Hannah said...


She's so pretty!!! I hope she wins!!!

Oooh! And thanks for commenting on my newest post!!!


Avery V. said...

Kirsten did a great job! :)

And by the way:
Yes, the free shipping still works, it works until the 31st!

Coconut said...

Ooh! Great job! I know you'll make it!

Sara said...

That's awesome! The leaves are so pretty! All our leaves died because we already had a snowfall...

Shortie said...


Isabel said...

I got the water picture by:
My friend got a drink at a water fountain and I took a picture of her mouth. I had some others, except they looked weird.