Wednesday, October 14, 2009

American Girl Fan Show and Tell Wednesday-Week 1!

Hey Everyone!

Liz over at American Girl Fan came up with a great idea! Show and Tell Wednesday! This is when everyone who signs up (sign up by clicking HERE) posts a photo on their blog and then tells about it! So, here is my picture!:

I took this photo when Michael and I set up Kirsten's Cabin. :) Every day we would play with it and do farm chores just like Kirsten would have done, such as gather the eggs, pick veggies from the garden, feed the animals, cook, clean, and more! LOL It was very fun! Well, anyway, Julie was "Anna", Kirsten's cousin, my rag doll Quincy (in the back of this photo) was Kirsten's mother, and Kirsten was herself. Here "Anna" and Kirsten play with their yarn dolls! :)

I hope you enjoyed this week's Show and Tell Wednesday!



Elizabeth J. said...

How cute!

Coconut said...

Hi Quinlyn! What are you going to be for Halloween? I will be a ninja! LOL! That was just a really random costume they had at the costume store! Nice photo! Didn't you do a photostory about that one time? It seems familiar! Julie looks just like Anna! They should have made an Anna doll before Kirsten was retiring!

I'm unhappy to say, now people are getting broncitis at our school! (That is when people have trouble breathing.)