Saturday, August 15, 2009

Picture of my new hair cut from the front!

Hey Everyone!

My crazy computer finally let me upload all of my photos, so now I have the picture of my hair from the front for you! :D Here it is:

Ha ha! Just kidding! ;) Hannah made this image for me! Thanks, Hannah! :)

Here is the REAL picture (LOL):

Yay! :D I look much older, as my mom and I say. ;) Thanks for all of the compliments you guys have been giving me! :D

I am very excited because I have a new thing to post for you all that you are going to Love! :D I usually have a few tricks up my sleeve. Mwahahaha.... LOL



Coconut said...

You do look a lot older!

Jasmine said...

You Look so cute with your new hair cut! It should be called a hair cute instead of a hair cut.

Sara said...

I like it! it looks really good. You are so lucky to have naturally straight hair. Mine is REALLY curly. C u l8er!

Melissa said...

Your hair is so cute and you are so pretty! I think i have that same shirt. LOL


Jerica said...

Quinlyn,I am still loving your name and your hair!I had never heard such a pretty name!You look so great with that new hair cut!I just got my hair cut too!

Hannah said...

Your welcome! :)

Your real picture of your haircut looks great from the front!

Isabel said...

Cute! Love the first image too.

Lily- Blog Author said...

Hi Quinlyn,

You look nice with your new haircut. :)!

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