Monday, August 17, 2009

Going to the zoo!

Hey Eveyone!

After half an hour of sitting at the computer, adding captions to photos, I finally have my zoo album done for you! :D

We went to the zoo for the day, and I took lots of pictures! :D Please see the album HERE. :) Enjoy! :D

ARRG! If only I could decide which DOLL to get NEXT! *Pants*



Coconut said...

I had school today! I "ARRG" with you! LOL! School is sooo boring! Yawns. I have an insanely mean math teacher! Grrrr! Homework on the 1rst day! Like I already had enough to worry about!

Sara said...

It looks like you had a ton of fun! my family has not been to our zoo in a while... we should go. Ahh.. just got back form the first day of school. It was a long day.

Jasmine said...

well your lucky because I'm probably not going to get another doll :(

Sonja said...

hehe. liked your zoo album...we've both had them! I thought you wanted Gwen or Kit really bad? Personally right now I'm crazy about #30.

Anonymous said...

Cool! Zoo's are always so interesting!

14OldFashionDolls said...

Sorry, we were signed in mummy's sister's account (Emily).

Anyways, that is great you went to the zoo, looks like you had loads of fun!

Thanks for commenting!

Quinlyn said...

Hi 14OldFashionedDolls! :)

Thanks for commeting! We did have lots of fun and I want to go again! :)

Thanks for commenting and I hope you will comment more and follow! :D


pioneerfan04 said...

Hi Quinlyn! Sounds like you had fun at the zoo! You took really good pictures!!! :)


Avery V. said...

Going to the zoo is so much fun! Great pictures! I like the fish on your sidebar too!