Friday, July 3, 2009


Hello Everybody!

It is raining right now. It's raining, it's pouring...well, not exactly pouring. ;) But it is raining and gloomy and ick. :P

Tomorrow is the 4th of July! :D Let's hope it is sunny and warm (but not hot! LOL) tomorrow! Yesterday, me, my dad, and my little bro set up our new grill so we could make hamburgers! Today we need to buy sparklers, flags, fireworks, poppers, the lot. And I need to decide what the girls will wear! :D

I made some dolly tea bags yesterday! :) I will post pictures ASAP. I learn how to from Our Dolls. I like their site and I am a member of the message board! :) The girls at Our Dolls used real tea in their tea bags, but I just used tiny little peices of paper. :)

Maybe instead of the dolls going to summer camp, I will just have them go camping for a day or two. That is easier to do in a limited amout of space. ;)

Ok, bye for now!



Coconut said...

It's raining? That's horrible! 2 years ago it just started raining right in the middle of our fireworks! We did get to do most of the fireworks though. Well, guess what, guess what! I am a ninja! AG camping would be fun! Check and see if you have the AG mag from last year. The one with the blond girl in the inner tube. I'm pretty sure there are camping ideas in there. I'll doublecheck. Happy almost 4th!

Quinlyn said...

Hey Coconut!

Good that you got to do most of your fireworks! :) Yay! Congrats on being a ninja on Club Penguin! :) Thank you! :) I do have that issue! Although she has brown hair, not blond. :)

Have a great day!


Coconut said...

oh! I thought it was blond cuz my hair turns that color when it gets wet... well, its kinda hard to tell when hair is wet! :) Well, I was wrong, it is the summer 2007 issue. With the girl in the two buns. your personal weather girl says it isn't raining! yay for you!

The Sisters in Heart said...
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Coconut said...

I cleaned up my room! It was soo messy before, and so clean now! I should have taken before and after pics! I like your slideshow!

Ag Doll Fanz said...

I love your site!