Saturday, July 4, 2009

Promise and a Secret...

Hello everybody,

The dolls are all dressed up for the 4th of July! I promise that there is going to be a BIG post with pictures, but a lot later (maybe tomorrow, if we stay out late. :) ).

Now, here is the secret: my little brother, my dad, and me are getting the backyard ready for our 4OJ (4th of July) celebration...and it is a surprise for my mom and Mimi (my grandmother)! It was my idea! We washed the wagon, where the dolls will sit and have a parade, and we are going to decorate the front porch with chalk drawings and stuff. (Pictures will be taken!) Also, I put red and blue crepe paper around, and my little bro just came in from pulling weeds. I have a cute outfit to wear, and there will be a pic of that, too. Lots of pics! :D :D

Bye for now! Happy 4th!



Coconut said...

Yay! I am wearing a red and white shirt and blue shorts for the 4th. My dad probably wont let me take pics of myself, I'll have to reason with him. Probably not though... Maybe my dolls will have a parade too. yay! 4OJ!

Coconut said...

i put up the girls 4OJ sleepover photos on picasa!

Jasmine said...

Cool, I can't wait to see your outfit. My mom buys me practically all pink clothes, but I have fourth of July hair things.