Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July! :D

Hey Everybody!

Happy 4th of July! :D We haven't had our celebration yet, so no pictures just yet. :) Oh, and it isn't raining. ;)

Right now I am listening to the Our Dolls podcast, NafyCast. Right now Nafy is talking about her bestest friend, Anna Larson, who she has know since she was a wee baby. ;) Listen to NafyCast, and also head down to Our Dolls! :)

Bye for now!



Ag Doll Fanz said...

I can't wait for the pictures!

Coconut said...

Yay! Good that it isn't raining! Quinlyn, have you seen the sensei yet? I can't find him!I'm planning to do a 4th of July photostury. Also, some of the dolls had a 4th of July sleepover!