Monday, July 13, 2009

A New Photo Story!

Hey Everybody! :)

I love blogging! Just thought I would say that. ;)

I have a new photo story for you today! :D Yeah, I know I haven't done a photo story for a long time. But I have an idea for another new one, and I already have an idea for my post tomorrow, so don't worry! :) Click here to see Julie Plays Basketball! :)

Now I will give you a little update on some things. Yesterday while we were out, I got a new book! I love to read! :) The new book is called Trumpet of The Swan by E. B. White. I have a photo that I will post tomorrow! :) I love this book! It is about a little swan named Louis who doesn't have a voice. So he sets out, learns to read and write, and can communicate with people that way. But none of the waterfowl (including his family and the love of his life!) can't understand writing! So Louis's poetic and vain father (that swan is sooo funny!) goes and gets him a trumpet so he can make himself heard. I won't give away too much! You will have to read the book yourself! :) As I said, I got it yesterday, and I am half way through it already! LOL

My girl's house is a little messy right now, so I think I might clean it along with Kirsten, Julie, the Mini's, Tommy, and Sam. That will make it smooth and fun! :) Rebecca can't stand having a dirty house during Sabath (sundown Friday and all day Saturday)! So we need it clean and she can bake the hallah bread! :) Kirsten is very interested at learning how to make hallah bread, as she is a kitchen girl. In fact, she tried out a new recipe a new months ago with berries in it. She found it in Minuk's book (she is a Girl Of Many Lands). Only she replaced the carribou tallow with eggs and the seal oil with canola oil. I don't blame her. LOL

Bye for now! :) See you tomorrow (sorta. lol)



jasmine said...

I can't wait to read more photostories!

Ag Doll Fanz said...

Cool! I am going to go read the photostory now!

Coconut said...

I have Trumpet of the swan too. I've never read it though. It was my mom's book I think. Have you read the Indian in The Cupboard? It is like the best book ever!!! Cleaning? I never clean. You should see my room...

Bookworm said...

I read your other post, and mini Rebecca is really cute!

- Mia at My Adorable Dolls