Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A New Stop-Motion!

Hey Everybody! :)

Guess what! Today I made a new stop-motion with the girls! It is called "Julie and the Dress". And it has a surprise in it! :) I spent almost all of the morning making it. It was the longest stop-motion yet! I might have taken 100 pictures! Not sure, though. Anyway, I hope you like it:

Like it? :) And do you like the surprise (the dress) in it? I hand-sewed that! It is Julie's new summer dress! :) It is wearable, but not quite finished in the back. I also plan to add sleeves (see picture) sometime, when we get the sewing machine out. :) Here are the pictures of the dress:
Julie in her dress!

Close-up of the fabric

I am planning to add sleeves like this. Excuse the long train of fabric in the back! :) I think the sleeves kinda make it look like a 30's dress. :) Kit, here we come! LOL

Julie plays movie-star. LOL This looks like something Rebecca would do. Rebecca, where art thou? :) Love ya, Julie!

Also, here is a picture of my new and awesome book, The Trumpet of the Swan! :) :

Yep! The swan on the cover is Louis! :)

Whelp, bye for now! I have a really cool post for tomorrow! :D Yep, and I am going to keep you in suspense! :) LOL I will give you a hint: MRR is in it.



Coconut said...

MRR? I don't know what that even means! I'll find out tomorrow then! BTW, I sent an invite to you for the knitting blog! It's ok if you put sewing on there too! Thanks for joining!

Awesome, awesome dolly-stop motion! The best ever definetly! A hundred photos? Wowzers! Great dress! I like to sew stuff too, if I can find a needle! LOL!

jasmine said...

Wow Quinlyn great job!

And guess what? I think I have windows movie maker to! I'll have to see when I get home tommorrow.

Oh and I got a new book today! I got the complete winnie-the-pooh story\poem collection book.

Melissa said...

I think i know what MRR means. Is it Miss Rebecca Rubin? Thats my guess.