Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New Catalog!

Hi, Everybody!

Wow! My new AG catalog came today! YAY! It is a really good one! Well, Kirsten is mad because she doesn't show up, but ho hum. No offense, Kirsten! ;)

Here are pics:
The front of the catalog! I really like the cover!
The back. Oh, must they enable me with #24? ;)

Jessica and Julie look at the catalog. Hmm...sisters outfits...LOL
Did you get your new catalog? How do you like it?
On another note, I put Julie's hair in real rollers today. It turned out AWFUL. It didn't curl her hair at all, and boy did I have a time getting those things out. They stuck to her hair like velcro! I should have know better. But now I know. NEVER put your dolls hair in prickly, plastic rollers. NEVER. *Sigh*
I am really enjoying my beach template! :) I like the colors and the feel it gives me! :) If you want it, click on the link on the top of my blog, The Cutest Blog on the Block! :)
Bye for now!


Melissa said...

Maybe i will get my catalog tomarow.
sorry about Julies hair. Jessica is adorable!


Jasmine said...

Yah I got my catalogue. I love the honey puppy Pjs

Libby said...

I once tried to get a catolouge, but because I'm in England, I couldn't get it :( But sometimes I get one when my BF's dad goes to USA and picks up some AG stuff for her!
I think Kirsten's hair might curl, but try pin curls!

jasmine said...

Quinlyn, I think you must have missed a page, because Kirsten is in there.