Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Doll Hair and my poll

Hey Everybody! :)

Today I put Mini Kit's hair in two pigtails, and Julie in braids and a curler to try to curl her hair. Since I don't have any curlers, I had to use a barette, and I only have one. It worked! :D I don't have a picture, though. :) But I do have a picture of mini Kit in her adorable hairstyle: Cutie! I am thinking about getting the big Kit. What does everyone think? :)
I see that Picture 3 is leading by 1 vote on my poll! :) I can't promise that the picture that wins is going to be the one I enter, but I will let you all know my decision! :)
Bye for now! Have a great day!


Ag Doll Fanz said...

Mini Kit is so cute! And I do think that you should get the big Kit!

Coconut said...

big Kit is cute, except, my sister has her, and her hair stretched on one side, maybe I'll post pics of her sometime! I have to flip over her hair to make it look nice! (although, Kit is very old. Her 4th b-day is in December!) I will have to chaeck if I have to create a new pandanda account. i can't beleive my sister reported me! I have no clue what I did! I'm sure I didn't break any rules!

Libby said...

Cute hairstyle! Personally, I would get Rebecca and the JLY you want first!

Anonymous said...

Aww that's an adorable hairstyle!

Anne said...

I think you should get the big Kit!
Your mini Kit is adorable!
I plan to get Kit!
Then Ruthie will have her best friend. LOL