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Ships a Plenty, Ships Galore - Celebrate Musicals Week Day 2

Welcome to Day 2
(LOL it's red and black.)

From Urban Dictionary:
Shipping - A term used to describe fan fictions that take previously created characters and put them as a pair. It usually refers to romantic relationships, but it can refer platonic ones as well. (Just think of "shipping" as short for "relationSHIP".)
Shipping is a vital part of any fandom, Les Miserables included. Today, young students, I shall teach you how to ship characters with revolutionary flair. *puts on glasses that I have but never wear but I really should*

First, we'll make a quick little list on several possible ships. If you respond to the mention of any of these with salivating, loud squealing, hyperventilation, or fainting, chances are you already ship them.

  • Eponine/Enjolras (This one is very common and often referred to as Enjonine.)
  • Fantine/Jean Valjean 
  • Marius/Eponine 
  • Marius/Cosette (which, as everyone knows, is literally the only ship that was made "canon", or happened in the actual thing)
  • Gavroche/Young Cosette (I cannot be the only one who thinks this is adorable even though this is technically impossible since they weren't children at the same time...don't you just love Les Mis timelines?) 
Since you can literally ship anything, it would be ridiculous to list them all in this post. Otherwise I'd have to mention things like Enjolras/His Flag and Marius/Cake. But these are the main ones I've noticed. Commence elaboration.

Enjolras/Eponine (Enjonine) 

(To be honest, I never shipped them all that much until I saw this picture with Begin Again lyrics, because I love Taylor Swift and the lyrics were just so. perfect.)

Eponine and Enjolras are often shipped together because they're fan favorites on their own (ON MY OWN, PRETENDING HE'S BE--sorry). Together, they're just a powerhouse of awesomeness. First of all, they're both pretty rough-and-tumble, and I'm sure Enjolras would appreciate Eponine's ability to care for herself and do what she believes in. On the other hand, Enjolras is obviously not a fan of people's emotions getting away of anything ("Who cares about your lonely soul?"), which Eponine was fond of doing. Nevertheless, after all was said and done and Enjolras was no longer concerned with the well-being of France's gamin, it's altogether possible he'd enjoy getting to know one better. 

Fantine/Jean Valjean
(I think I mainly shipped this because Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway looked so good together...)

I was surprised to learn that I wasn't the only one who had thought about Fanjean. Fantine, in the book, loves Monsieur le Maire dearly (albeit as a friend) because he has proved himself to her as a wonderful human being. After he realized the trouble he caused her, he cared for her and visited her every day. And for heaven's sake, he adopted her daughter!!! Granted, this was after her untimely demise, but still. 

(How cute is this picture though. Really.)

Marius and Eponine is one of the most logical ships because Eponine spends most of the show pining away after the young Pontmercy. Some people feel that he should have gone with her all along, and that Cosette was just a passing fantasy, distracting Marius from the real love of his life. I disagree, considering that in the book, Marius actually knew Cosette longer than he knew Eponine. I love that he befriended Eponine and held her while she was dying, but I just can't see them being together. Victor Hugo did not intend it. But of course, I doubt he thought of some of these others, either...

(Sleeves, guys. Who needs a purse when you've got sleeves?)

They got married. The end. 

Just kidding--I should spend some time talking about them. So in the musical, they see each other, they sing to each other, they're in love, they get married. It's all good. A lot of people despise Cosette for one reason or another, but I have to say that I don't, just like I don't despise Marius. Both she and Marius did some slightly annoying things but Cosette was a strong girl who loved her father and Marius with her whole heart. And she had a tough childhood! (I'm giving her points for that.) I read another post about Marius having PTSD after his experience on the barricade, and how Cosette married him anyway knowing what to expect. *sniffle sniffle* :')

Gavroche/Young Cosette

That is all. 

So ends my post for Day 2. I'm actually getting more of these done than I thought. I hope they're as entertaining to read as they are to write. :D Let me know what you think about these shippings in the comments--I know we all have very strong feelings about which characters should be together. ;)


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