Monday, August 5, 2013

AG Sale Items--Photos and Reviews!

Happy Monday Afternoon!

Last Sunday, American Girl surprised everybody with new sale items. I had passed up their last sale, but this one had things that I can never resist--cheap AGP exclusives and retired outfits! I ordered that night for fear that everything would be gone before the next morning. Turns out only one of my items had sold out, but I'm still glad I got it in early.

I opened my items yesterday (the package had come Friday but I missed that info) and I'm very happy with everything I bought. Gather 'round, are the pictures:

First we have Molly's Pajamas...they recently retired these when her new blue pajamas and yellow bed were introduced. They're really very sweet...I love the style and the stripes (Leah: Vertical stripes are slimming, right...?). By the way, the American Girl description says "Molly’s classic pajamas are made of the softest red-and-white-striped material." They lied. But for $12? I don't really care. ;)

As soon as I saw Kit's Coat on the sale I knew that I must have it. Again, this has been recently retired (you can still search for it and the link will come up, but the link has been removed from the website). I love the look of coats like this, and Kit couldn't go without such an integral part of her story. It took me five minutes to get on (phantom buttons and plastic belt buckles, Yay!) and I'm not looking forward to taking it off, but the fabric is nice and heavy and you have to admit that it looks awesome. I'll probably knit her a hat to go with it. 

Julie models the fashion show outfit (American Girl hosts fashion shows and this was the official outfit they sold one year) and the Ruffle Cap. The outfit is simply darling and great quality. 

Close-up of the printing on the front and the tag on the sleeve. 

  Oh, the pants. The pants. They're made of thick cargo material in a great color. I love the little star stitching. There's even a real pocket!

Close-up of the hat, which is totally cool, man. 

Lastly, Felicity models the pink skort (I got the shirt with another sale order a few months back). It's really sweet, just a simple stretch cotton material. It's very pink, but as you've guessed by now, I like pink. A lot. 

 Cute star detailing on the front. American Girl is also written on the back waistband. 

Last but not least, I got Lindsey's book. Wave a $2 out-of-print American Girl GOTY book at me and I'm sure to grab on every time.

(Bonus pic I took last night of everyone together! ;)

Hope everyone's having a great summer! Or, if you've already gone back to school, my best wishes for your school year!



Meredith Roark Childress said...

Great dolls! Great clothes! Great pics of dolls & clothes! I love every outfit and boy do they ever look cute on the girls! I agree that the coat is special and I'm glad you got it. Thanks for sharing your new wardrobe finds! Mimi

Jeneca Rose said...

There was a sale? And I missed it! >.<
Oh well, your loot looks awesome :D

Amaya said...

Cool, I love Kit's coat!