Friday, February 25, 2011

Sewing, FanFiction, and School...oh my!

Hi Everyone

I'm really sorry I haven't been posting lately! There's not really an excuse except laziness. Hopefully I can stop this and quit letting you people down! Anyway, to the post, since of course that's what you guys are wanting. ;

I've started sewing-yipee!!! I really like it. I got a machine a few weeks ago and it's awesome! Here are pictures of most of the things I've made:

A capelet for my little GBH dolls, April models. :)
A Valentine's Day skirt for my AG dolls, Felicity models.

Spring skirt for my AG dolls, again Felicity models! LOL

Do you think I should start selling these skirts in my shop? Would you be interested in buying one? Sometime I'll post a picture of my sewing machine/sewing area. ;)
Dear readers, I have discovered something. Something awesome. It's called.....FanFiction. And now I'm hooked. Here's the link to my FanFiction page: QuinnyandCompany's Fanfiction. So far I've written three chapters of one story (Felicity Grows Up) and finished a one-shot about Parcheezi. It's really awesome concept. I'd been writing little bits of stories like that when I was younger, little did I know there was a whole site for this stuff. To find out what I'm talking about you'll have to visit the site, LOL. But I must warn you that there IS some innapropriate content and stories have a rating. I've found that some stories rated T (teen) are alright, while others rated the same rating are too mature. You'll have to see which ones are for you. ;)

Alrighty, that's all for now!

Cya later,



Anne said...

Hi Quinlyn! :)

WOW! Those are beautiful things you made for your dolls! I LOVE the valentine skirt! My mom said she'll get her sewing machine out one day, so I can use it to make doll clothes. :) Have fun writing your stories! I'll have to look at them soon!

Meredith Roark Childress said...

Love the skirts, Quinlyn! And your reasons for not posting lately have nothing to do with laziness. You've had a whole new world of school to adjust to and that hasn't been easy. It just takes time to get all your ducks in a row sometime. I'm glad the first semester of school is under your belt. Onward and upward! Love...Mimi

Anonymous said...

Hey Quinny!
LOVE the skirts! Very cute. :)
I will have to join FanFiction! I'c heard of actual FanFiction writing but not a website for it. I will have to check it out! :)