Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Second post of the day...GASP!

Hi Guys,

I'm posting this at 10:00 at night because...well...I'm bored. Very. Very. Bored. No, I really am. I usually end up chatting with my friend Jenna at this hour, but for some strange reason, SHE'S NOT ON! *crowd gasps* Yeah...she isn't. I could give you guys a picture of what my Windows Live Messanger (which I'm addicted to) homescreen looks like, and all you would see is little gray squares with lots of names, indicating that every one of them is offline. It's a sad, sad picture.

So what shall I do to relieve my boredness? Well, I'll probably end up listening to my iPod some, watching random videos, and waiting for Jenna to get on until my mom forces me to get off the computer, then I'll read a book in bed and wonder all night long, what ever happened to my contacts on WLM. Did they all die? Did they explode? DID ONE OF THEM STEP ON A BEAR TRAP? I'll never really know.

I'm kind of rambling right now, but you know you guys don't have to read this WHOLE post...I mean yeah if you're loyal to me, go ahead, but it's just a hop skip and a jump to something more interesting, or my favorite, the comments box. :D But since some of you might like more post, here is some more:

Tonight my family and I watched Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman as we do a lot...we're up to Season 4 now and it's going great. We've had almost NO technical issues. But here's some info, and only the people who watch DQMW will know anything I'm talking about: First Sully was too slow, now he's too fast! What have they got this guy doing?? And another thing. Why does Jane Seymour ALWAYS have to be perfect? The world is still waiting for the answer. Ok I'm done with my DQMW rant now. XD Sorry but I just love that show...a lot...

Anyway, this post was to show you what I'm like at 10:00 at night when I'm bored and no one's online. Not that you wanted to know that, but now you do. Win-win. :D



jennakat said...

So Increadbly sorry. Mom had to go on a hunt for her 34B size bra :S, and I wanted to have a poptart. But if this were my mom's prefect world, I'd be in bed asleep. Soooo, Lots of love,May your gaming systems never be tingley, Jaycie/Jenna

Sonja said...

I LOVED the bear trap part!!!!! XD

Liz said...

Hi Quinlyn!

I LOVE your ramblings! hehe :D

Whenever I see Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman on GMC (the Gospel Music Channel)I turn it on! It is a very good show, but my family can't go one episode without crying! Some of the episodes are sad, but really good! :)

Also, congratulations on your writing your novel! I cannot wait to read it if you do post it. ;)

Have a great day! I'm off to do school...:)


May said...

Woo! I'm loyal :)


Hannah said...

LOL Quinny, your a lot like me at 10:00 :) I'm LOYAL!