Thursday, November 11, 2010

I really want to post...but what about??

Hi Guys!

I had this sudden urge to blog, but then I started and I was like...what about? Doctor, oh doctor, I think I have a case of Blogger's Block! Which really stinks. Blogger's Block is NOT something you want to have. Thank goodness it's not catchy! Otherwise all my followers would have it by now and all our blogs would go to dust. LOL

So right now I'm just sitting here, playing random music on my iPod. Vanilla Twilight is ending-what will play next? LET'S SEE....*drumroll*..................................

Better Than Revenge by Taylor Swift.

Okkkkk? That song came with the Speak Now album...wouldn't have bought it otherwise. Hehe.

Ok, I'm done rambling now. I really should stop doing these weird posts....unless you guys like them ;)



Meredith Roark Childress said...

I know exactly what you're talking about, Q. One of the things that has drained my brain is the novel I'm writing. I think that would be a good blog topic since you wrote one too. Not the story, per se, but how it felt, what it takes, etc. And I like the kind of blog you wrote here, but not as a steady diet! Sure you later! Mimi

Hannah said...

I usually want to play with my dolls but can't come up with what to do with them.

Hannah said...

We like them we like them! :)

Katie said...

Random posts are amazing! Hey, would you mind checking out my blog? I just posted a huge photo story, and I'd be thrilled if you commented on it or even just looked at. Thanks!