Monday, October 18, 2010

A Music Quiz (entry for Jo March's Fiesta De Octobre!)

Hi Everyone!

Jo March is having a lovely giveaway for her Fiesta De Octobre! I am putting her blog button on my sidebar so you can get to it if you want. :)

{1} What musical instrument(s) do you play? Piano, and I also play some recorder, though I'm a little rusty at it now.

{2} How long have you been playing that instrument(s)? About 5-6 years :)

{3} What is your favorite era of music: Baroque, Classical, Romantic or Contemporary? Depends...I like a lot of music. LOL

{4} Why? (in reference to the above question) Because I'm like that.

{5} Who is your favorite composer? (If you're drawing a blank, click here for a nice long list to pick from :D) Ummmm? Beethoven? LOL

{6} Do you like jazz music? Why or why not? Not really. I haven't heard much of it, though.

{7} Are one of those folks who could play their musical instrument for hours and love every minute of it? (or...just about every minute?) No...not currently. LOL But I do like playing my piano, just maybe not THAT much...hehe

{8} Would you rather listen to music or play it? There's a certain satisfaction in playing it that I love. If it's good, I'd probably rather play it.

{9} Do you like to perform in front of people, or would you rather not? I'd rather not. LOL

{10} What's one thing you love about your instrument? I love piano because it sounds very pretty and you can play almost any song on it. It's very relaxing as well.

{11} What is your favorite genre of music to listen to? Usually pop. I'm at that age where I really like the bubblegum pop stuff, but if it's TOO bubblegum or techno I usually shy away from it.

{12} Would you rather listen to an entire CD (or playlist) of just one artist, or a random shuffle list or CD? Random shuffle list! I tried listening to just one artist and it was ok, but I would much rather have a random list of lots of songs. :)

{13} Do you like listening to movie soundtracks? It depends on the movie. I think I'd really enjoy a Sound of Music soundtrack, and if I'm in the right mood I enjoy listening to my Funny Girl soundtrack.

{14} Does listening to music while doing schoolwork distract or help you? Distract me! I can barely ever read or do schoolwork if music, even music without words, is playing.

{15} Radio, CD or iPod/mp3 player? iPod or radio. :) I like iPods because you can choose what music is on them, but I also like radio because it's completely spontanious.

{16} Do your siblings like to listen to the same music you do? Yes, Michael likes to listen to Owl City, like me. But he obviously doesn't like Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez like I do. Hehe!

{17} Do you like to "sing along" with the songs you know, or would you rather just listen to them? If the songs are on TV or radio, I usually sing along, but if I'm just listening to them on my iPod I just keep quiet.

{18} Do you like to listen to "old music", a.k.a. the music your parents listened to way back in the day? (not that our parents are old or anything....) Sometimes, when my mom plays it throughout the house. LOL

{19} Do you like rap music? (random question, I know) EWWW!!!! NOOOOOOOO! The only things related to rap I'll listen to is Baby (which has a teeny rap segment) and Taylor Swift's funny little rap thing.

{20} Ready for Christmas music yet? Nope. LOL

This was fun to do, Jo! :)



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