Thursday, September 9, 2010

Back to school, back to rules! :)

Hey Everyone!!!

On September 7th, I started school!! :D I am now an official 7th grader! Woot woot! I was too tired to post about school on my first day. LOL It's gotten easier because I'm used to my new curriculum now. It rocks! It's called National Connections Academy (and if you are confused, yes, I am still homeschooled. ;) )

My binder, notebook, and folder. :D
My binder even has my name on it!
I probably won't be on with you guys QUITE as much as before, but don't worry! I'll still have time to email and answer your comments! :)
There's some other, "dolly" news around here, but that's another post, to be saved for later. :D
Did you start school yet? What grade are you in? :)


Rebecca said...

I have started school recently and I am in 6th grade so I just started middle school!


Bree said...

I just started school two days ago, and I am in 7th grade, too. :)


niliwolf said...

I do my work all year long, but i don't do it everyday. Just yesterday i did some work for the first time in a long time.

Claire said...

Hi, Quinlyn! I started school in late August, and I am in sixth grade. (I'm homeschooled like you, too.) I wonder what the "dolly" news is...

May said...

Lol, 7th Grade too!

Anne said...

Hi Quinlyn! :)

Wow I have been sooo busy with 10th grade this year! LOL I started on the 31 of August. I love your binder, it's so pretty! :) I had a folder with that pattern once.

American Girl Doll Hairstyles said...

I started school this week and I'm in the 11th grade.

Hannah said...

ONE binder?? wow.. I need at least 10..