Thursday, May 27, 2010

Please welcome LEAH! :D

Hi Everyone!!

Yesterday I had a WONDERFUL surprise! The doorbell rang and it was a package. I saw it was from my good friend Lexi! It was so big! So my dad and I took it out into the garage and opened it. I saw an AG box and I couldn't BELIEVE it! It was...

Her doll Leah!!! She got her from a thrift store (you can read about it on her blog) and Lexi said she never bonded with her. So she gave her to me!! I couldn't believe it! Leah was a bit of a fixer-upper and so I've been fixing her. She's JLY #25 and GORGEOUS! :D Her only major flaw was that her hair had been cut, but that's ok! I think it looks cute. :) She came in a dress Lexi made and some adorable little converse shoes, socks, and underwear! The dress Lexi made that she came in I now call her Meet Dress. lol Leah was such a wonderful surprise! I had no idea Lexi was sending her. It totally made my day.

Yesterday I washed her hair and cleaned up her limbs. Funny story: I had taken Leah's head off to wash her hair and put it outside to dry. My dad came in while I was washing her limbs and he said, "she has no head!" And I said, "don't worry I can put it back on, I had to take it off to wash her hair!" and he figured out I knew what I was doing. LOL!

And now, without further ado...PICS! :D

If you want to see more pics, then go to my Picasa albums and click on the "Meet Leah" album! I'm going to add new pics all the time. :)

Have a great day! And thank you SOO much Lexi!


Libby said...

Quinlyn, that is amazing! :) She is gorgeous!!!
~Libby (too lazy to sign in)

swissmiss♥lotti said...

awh! yay!!!

Bookworm said...

That's neat! You must be very excited!

P.S. Love your blog background.

Hannah (IrishGirl) said...

Quinlyn, she is so so pretty! You must be so excited! That was really nice of your friend! What a great surprise ;)


Leanna said...

I LOVE jly #25!I have her!Maybe our #25's can be friends!Mine is named Kristy.Tell Leah Kristy said hi!lol!:D I like the short look too.The "meet dress" is pretty too.


Sonja said...

She is SOOOO cute!! I can't wait until the other girls meet her....:D

18OldFashionDolls said...

Yeah! I am so glad you like her!

God Bless!

Liz said...

Quinlyn, I am so happy for you! Leah is ADORABLE, especially her eyes! They look like such a pretty brown! :)

I can't wait to see more pictures of her! :)

Have a great day! :D


Kallie said...

oh my goodness!!! soooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anne said...

Aww, Leah is so cute! She looks adorable in her little blue dress! That is super cool and exciting that you got her, Quinlyn! :) Congrats!


Maggie said...

Leah is so cute! I love her dress! Maybe you could have your friend make a dress for a giveaway on her blog. Anyways, I am following your blog and I would love if you stopped by my blog and followed me.


Avery V. said...

Wow, that is so wonderful! Congrats! Lexi is so nice. :) Leah is adorable, I'm glad you love her.

Maybob said...

Lucky Ducker! She's a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! Leah is drop-dead-gorgeous!

Hannah said...

How exiting, Quinlyn!

Hey, it's time for Monthly Book reviews over at my blog this week! If you participate, you'll be able to enter my Barnes and Noble giveaway too! Just thought I'd remind you.


Lizzy Bennet said...

Amazing!!! That is one awesome friend!!

God bless,

P.S. LOVE the header!!!!

Cara said...

Congrats on your new doll!