Sunday, March 7, 2010

What I ordered!! :D

Hey Guys!!

So finally you will be able to see what the package CONTAINED! WOOT! Here is a picture of the newest (little) resident of Happy Valley, the main thing in the box!:

The Ginger Brook Hollow "8 April Dream doll!! I won her at a teleconference held by GBH! It was really fun and everyone won a prize, which was really lucky. We played Bingo then if you got five things in a row you got to choose a prize. They only told you what the box looked like (small, square, pink ribbon, etc.) and I chose the one with the pink ribbon. Lo and behold...IT WAS APRIL! :D I love her so much! Also everyone got a party favor and mine was $7 credit on their site. So I bought April a little dress. Here it is:

I love it, too! So does April! Also someone else at the teleconference I know from a message board GAVE me her party favor because she already had it, and it was an April short story and paper doll! :D And I got an order bonus which was a little necklace for April. I don't have pictures of the book or necklace, though. ;) I know what your thinking, that's a LOT of stuff for free!! Well, Ginger Brook Hollow was VERY generous! lol!

You can see more pictures of April and everything in my newest Picasa album!

Welcome to Happy Valley, April!



Hannah (Hannie) said...

She's so pretty!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooooh! April is sooo pretty! (The doll and the season!) lol Hope that you have fun with her! ;-)


Anne said...

AWESOME!! She's so little and cute!
Congratulations, Quinlyn! You are very lucky to get all those things for free!

Sonja said...

Yay! She's so cute! is she going to be friends with the minis?

~Nicki~ said...

She's so pretty--your doll family is really growing! Libby was looking on the GBH website the other day, and she likes the whole idea,

Georgia said...

Hi Quinlyn! Could you please enter our contest were doing, it's like AGMA.