Monday, February 15, 2010

What I got for Valentine's Day!

Hi Everyone!
Happy Valentine's Day (a little late, sorry! I didn't have any pictures or anything yesterday and I was busy so I didn't do a post)! I hope you guys had a great Valentine's Day! I sure did! :) We went over to my grandmother's house and ate spaghetti. Yummy! We exchanged gifts, too! I took some pictures of what I got:
Kathleen's Feedsack Nightie! It looks so cute on her! :)
Close-up. It also came with a little blanket. :)

This Dennis Basso bear! He's a coat designer. LOL The bear is made out of faux mink fur and it is SO soft! It also came with a little faux mink carrying bag that is really great for a doll throw too!

From my grandmother I got this pink coat and beret for my dolls! She made it! I love it! It's SO pretty!

Close-up of Millie in the coat. She probably look the best in it out of all my dolls, though it does look pretty cute on Kathleen. ;)

I also got a book (The Ballad of Lucy Wipple, loved the movie) and a Little Women DVD. I love Little Women, and the version I got never comes on TV, though the others do. :)
What did you get for Valentine's Day? :)


swissmiss♥lotti said...

We don't get anything for Valentines day, its just not considered a holiday in our house. I did get a bar of chocolate(Toblerone!!!) from my dad, though it was really unexpected.

Anne said...

Cool! I love the Pink Coat set!!!! Millie is so beautiful!!
I got:
A Yankee Candle Lip Gloss
Pink Nail Polish
Mango Lotion
Happy Valentines Day!

16OldFashionDolls said...

Beautiful--what a great gift!
Thanks for sharing!

jennakat said...

hey Quinny!
I have a question for you, How tall is Orange? Thanks!

~Nicki~ said...

Pretty! Here, Valentine's Day is more for couples then kids and parnets, so I got no Valentines :o

Hannah said...

Love the dress! You got a lot - we usually don't very much for Valentines day (just basically a lot of candy and such lol!)

I'll get to your tag soon:)

I Heart American Girl said...

Kathleen looks so cute with her blanket! I didn't get a lot but I did get some earrings and the first 2 books in the Secret Series from my parents.

I'm also having a giveaway at my site and would love if you could enter!


The dolls of Sunshine Glory said...

My parents usually don't give me much for Valentines day. My mom gave me candy she got from her students, and my dad gave me some candy he already opened. (he couldn't resist :p) I didn't really mind though! I'm used to it! Ugh I haven't had meat for 40 days exactly. I want chicken but I will not eat it no matter how much I want it! I need to show myself I have control! -Cara/Blondie (That is my new nickname! :)

Hannie said...

I made heart-shaped sugar cookies on Valentine's day:) (BTW, I made a post about them with the recipe and some pics on my blog:D) I really love all the gifts you got! Esp. the pretty outfit Millie is wearing! I think it's cool that you celebrate Valentine's like that, we don't really do anything special for it. Have a great day:)