Saturday, February 27, 2010


Hi Guys,

So I'm writing this post to tell you I will be gone for a whole week. :( I decided I have been on the computer WAY WAY WAY too much recently and so I'm taking a break. It sure won't be easy, though! But I PROMISE you that I will be back Friday morning cause I Love all you guys! :D Don't think for a second that I will leave this blog and my friends! I'm just taking a break till Friday. :)

When I come back I will have an exciting new post for you, the new stuff I got! :D (It hasn't come yet, though)!

See you in a week!!



~Nicki~ said...

Good luck Quinlyn! Try and keep busy with schoolwork and reading, and spending time with family, to keep away from the computer :D I have to do this sometimes as well.
~Libby (& Nicki & Becky!)

Jo March said...

Good for you! It's good to take a break sometimes.

Sam said...

Try reading, playing outside, and spending time with family. It should be easy being away from the computer though!!! Good luck! ;)


p.s. I love your blogs!

Anne said...

I'll miss you! I also need to do this. LOL

♥♥Iona♥♥ said...

Your Dolls have been awarded at:

♥♥Iona♥♥ said...

Your Have Been Awarded @

(wow awarded on 2 blogs by the same person technically! Hehe!)