Sunday, January 24, 2010

To keep ya'll from yawning your heads off AND I won something!!

Hey Guys!

Wow, it has been awhile since I last posted! I don't like neglecting my blog like this, but really, there hasn't been much to post about. My last giveaway winner got her headband in the mail, and I got a new YouTube a few weeks ago, but not really much else has happened. I wish I had something else to post...LOL.

OH! I forgot, of course I do! *slaps forehead* About a week ago I was at a group chat at the Our Dolls Message Board and they were having a contest. Who ever answered the most trivia questions about their site won a new, never been released 2010 Our Dolls calendar! :D It came in the mail and I love it! They now have it for sale on their website! When it came I was talking on the phone with my friend and then my dad handed me a small package with Our Dolls stickers on it! :D Here is a video of me opening the calendar:

Hope you enjoy it!

Also...I just got my 70th follower!! Thank you SOO much to everyone who follows and comments on this blog! Whenever I go to Blogger and see a comment I am so happy! :D

So anyways, that's about all! I hope you have a great Monday (not quite Monday yet, but oh well)!



Jasmine said...

that is so cool!!!! I need a new calendar, at first I was going to get a Balancine Calendar, but now I might change that!!! LOL!

Hannah said...

Hey! I really like your blog! A few days ago I made a blog, it isn't very good yet! I still need to figure it out more! But I'd appreciate if you checked out and left a comment! Thanks a bunch! Hannah

Dream said...

The link is: Also I heard you got Violet. I really want violet! What kind of doll is she? Please don't shorten it like A.G. Thank you! And also how much did she cost?


P.S. your blog is AWESOME!!!

Coconut said...

Hey Quinlyn! I have been neglecting everything so much longer than you have, so don't feel bad about not posting! I'm just so busy, and I get so tired after school! I wish I could keep up, but that's not possible. I haven't been on the board for a couple weeks and I haven't touched my dolls since December. School is a huge challenge, they have been giving out more work and some guys keep calling me emo (Emotional) and I don't know why. I haven't been sad or gothic lately! And then, they make fun of me alll the time! Ur sooo lucky ur homeschooled! maybe if it's a snow day I'll talk a little on the board! -Cara

Hannah said...

Hey, Quinlyn. I just wanted to remind you that my blog carnival, "Monthly Book Reviews" is tomorrow and this weekend. I know that you expressed interest in this earlier and I just wanted to remind you about it:) It may give you something to post about too!!!

Cute calender!
Blessings, Hannah

Anonymous said...

that is so COOL!!!!