Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dolls Setting Up The Christmas Tree!

Hi Everyone!

My dolls finished setting up their Christmas tree today! I took lots of pictures and made them into a photo story! Go HERE to see the photo story and please leave a comment here or Picasa! :D



The dolls of Sunshine Glory said...

I've been lazy about commenting here! But I will start commenting again! Yay! Now I will read the photostory! Yay! it feels so nice to have free time again!

Anonymous said...

That was wonderful!!!! The tree is very pretty!

Isabel said...

I NEVER KNEW U GOT MILLIE!!!!! WOW, SIX DOLLS! (sorry for all caps.) I actually sorta think Julie's fuzzy outfit was sorta cool! HA! LOL


Anonymous said...

That was a wonderful story!
I especially loved the photo with Millie carrying Jessica! So cute!
And the part where Elsie didn't like Julie's dress was funny. :)
Great job, Quinlyn!
Yesterday, my dolls put up their Christmas decorations! I put out their presents too! They are ready for Christmas and they really want to open their presents!