Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Halloween Costumes!

Hi Everyone!
Finally, I have pictures of mine and my doll's costumes for you! :) Here they are:
Michael and I! I was a black cat, and he was a prince. He looks weird because my mom put some eyebrow makeup on him. :)
And here are my dolls in their costumes, sitting on my grandmother's couch. :) Kirsten is an Irish Step Dancer, Julie is a vet (or, to be exact, the ghost of James Herriot), Laylie is a fairy, and Jessica is a cat. :) Not included in the picture: Tommy, who was a pirate, and Sam, who was a puppy. :)
There ya go! Hope you had a Happy Halloween! I sure did!


Hannah said...

Of course you had to be the cat because I was the mouse. LOL JK! Your dollies are so cute!

Sonja said...

Love it! I hope I can get some pics of our costumes and my dolls up soon.....

Sonja said...

And Laylie is ADORABLE!!!!

The dolls of Sunshine Glory said...

You and your brother look great in your costumes! I love the costumes for the dolls! You were very creative! I have been busy. A teacher at my school passed away. She died from H1N1.