Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Giveaway at American Girl's Fan in England!

Hey Everyone!

I just entered an awesome giveaway at American Girl's Fan in England! :D She is giving away a "Candlelight for Rebecca" book! Please go to her blog and enter! :)

On another note, that package that I was hinting about CAME Tuesday! :D I opened it and everything is coming soon! There is a huge surprise!

Also, please check out My doll's blog! Kirsten just put up a new post. Also, please comment on their blog and follow it! My dolls (especially Julie) love followers and commenters!



Coconut said...

I will follow if I already haven't! I haven't been on the computer very much since the message board shut down! I find myself leaving multiple comments at a time for all of your posts!Good luck! I can't wait to see your package! I bet the ppl who don't know are getting very annoyed! lol!

♦Libby♦ said...

Wow, that blog is cool--another English AG fan, FINALLY!!!!! :D

Sierra said...

Thanks for posting about it!