Wednesday, September 9, 2009

First Day of School!

Hey Everyone!

Remember watching "Finding Nemo"? Well, he said: "First day of school! First day of school!" Well, it was the first day of school (or rather, homeschool) for me and Michael today! :D Pictures:

Here are some of my school suplies! (Well, minus Kirsten and Julie, but I like to have them with me. ;) )
After school, we can do other things like...Be on the message board! :D
Here is the sign I painted for Happy Valley Elementary (the school the dolls are going to go to!)
Here is Michael painting the cafeteria sign!
And here is a random picture I took of Kirsten and Julie. I like it. :)

I had a good first day! :D My mom let us not do very much today, since it was the first day. ;)

And BTW Libby, now that school has started you may no longer use bad grammer. LOL (Libby will know what I am talking about. LOL)
And now I am hungry. LOL


Isabel said...

Cool! Your dolls look very nice. you are so lucky to start school after our school. We had to start August 26!

Joelle said...


Wow that is soo cool! I started school yesterday and am starting a American Girl Doll curriculum tomorrow! I am sooo excited! If you look it up it is pretty cool it is called "Portraits of American GirlHood"!


Hannah said...

Hope you had fun on your first day of school! It seems like you did! Kirsten looks so cute in the last picture! Kinda grown-up looking LOL

♦Libby♦ said...

LOL, I will make sure my sentences are not 2 long bcause then I am breaking the rules of sense and I must never break the rules of it because or else Mr S. will put a dot next to my name on the register or is that just for explaining to Ursula what a middle name is? :P
Enjoy school Q!

Mims said...

I started my own School called Lakeridge Middle School. It's really cool! We have a cafeteria,schoolroom,principal's office, school nurse and special needs.

Coconut said...

Ugh, school. Don't remind me. I have a Social Studies report, a spanish recictation and quiz to study for, a math test to study for, and writing a story. I would like to write a story otherwise, but, it just adds on to the pile... Hope you had a nice day!