Sunday, September 27, 2009

Club Penguin Toys!

Hey Everyone! :)

Michael has been getting a lot of CP toys lately, and today I got one, too! Today he also got a green puffle! Green is his favorite color. I think he named his puffle fluffy. :) I'm not sure what mine is going to be named yet! Any suggestions? :) Anyway, here are some pictures:

Here is me with my pink puffle! She looks like she is looking excitedly at something down below! LOL

Michael with his new green puffle and Rockhopper. :)

Julie with my puffle!

Since puffles come with coin codes, we could each pick two things out of the Treasure Book! :D I chose flowered hair and the blue jacket! I love my new duds! LOL
This is what Michael got! A Rad Scientist costume! :D I didn't know penguins had fingers! LOL

And here is a hilarious photo I took! No, I didn't photoshop it! When you have the Rad Scientist costume, when you dance, you mix up two potions and then they explode and turn your beak black. :) I took the picture right when the mixture exploded! LOL

And here is some news: A Life of Faith doll company is going out of business, so all of their stuff (accept for two of their 3 currently available dolls) is 70% OFF! :D They have some amazing deals! The codes are posted on their website. :) So, if you are planning to get ALOF clothes, accessories, or dolls, do it NOW before they go out of business and everything sells out!


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Coconut said...

Awesome items! That is a cool photo! My doll braces arrived in the mail today! The dolls look so cute! You and your brother look alike kind of! (I'm not trying to say you look like a boy!) People always say that about my sister and I when we look completely differnt!

Totally Pink said...

hey quinlyn did you know that you can buy 100,000 coins on ebay for 11.00 plus there is a special going on you can get double the coins and split them ontwo account or you can keep them all for your self like i did plus order really soon and you get another 20,000 coins free!! so cool i did it