Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Knitting Blog! :D

Hey Everyone! :D

I hope everyone is enjoying my giveaway so far! I can't wait to do the names-in-the-hat drawing! :)

TO THE MAIN TOPIC! LOL Coconut has a Craft Craze Blog, which she shares with me and Jasmine. :) Go on and check it out! :D We post about knitting (obviously), but also we are planning to post about other kinds of crafting, too! :D I revamped it this morning, so enjoy! :D



Anonymous said...

Can't wait to check this new blog out! I have been wanting to learn to knitt for a while, so maybe seeing someone elses work will give me a little extra push to go take a learn to knitt class. :)

Coconut said...

Maggie, don't pay to knit! Just get a book, or maybe sometime we can put instructions up. Your library will have knitting books. They are very helpful!

Hey, Quinlyn! You might want to change the link because our web address is now