Monday, August 10, 2009

Cool new doll find!

Hey Everyone!

I went to Walgreens the other day and found some doll-sized Sticky Notes! :D They are going to be perfect for the girls to write on when their school starts! Here are some pictures:
The notes compared to my hand! I just love them!
The notes with Julie!

Julie holding the notes!
Michael found them in a little candy jar type thing! Thanks, Michael! I would have never spotted them! :)
Are you looking forward for school to start? I kinda am. Though I wish Summer would stay around longer. :) Julie doesn't really want school to start, but Kirsten thinks it is important to learn (you are right, Kirstie!) so she doesn't mind. :)
My poll has ended, and Ivy and JLY #23 are tied with 12 votes each, and Miss Rebecca came in second with 11 votes! :O Poor Kit only got 2 votes. :( Right now I am either going to get Ivy or Kit. I think. LOL
Please look at my 2 posts before this! :)


Coconut said...

I kinda want summer to stay because I don't want to "start all over again." That's pretty much what you do in middle school. You have to memorize a new schedule, learn a new locker combo, meet a bunch of new teachers, and it's really confusing. But I miss everyone, and I miss talking to my best friend at recess every day!

I can tell you the pros and cons of Ivy and Kit since my sister has them.

Ivy, pros: hair doesn't get messed up easily, it stays shiny. In her acessories she has a really cool peace purse! :)
cons: Her hair cannot be styled easily. It doesn't fit into a ponytail, and braids are hard to see in her hair.

Kit, pros: Her hair is kinda like Nellie's, if you put it in a little ponytail, put your hand under the ponytil and brush it. It will curl back. I thought that, that was really cute!

cons: Her hair can stretch if you aren't gentle with it.
Sorry for the long comment, I love to talk!

Bella said...

I want summer to stay! I don't want to go back to learning! Lol. My older sister teaches me while my mommy is at school. Summer is Awesomeness!!XD

Anonymous said...

Cool find! I just love finding doll-sized items, don't you?
I think you should get Ivy because while both dolls are cute, all of your dolls are blond already, and wouldn't Julie be happy to have her best friend? :) But that's just my opinion.

Hannah said...

Those are cute! I've already started Math and English, actually. And school starts "officially" for us next week.

I'm having a quiz at my blog if you'd like to enter it:)!


Coconut said...

Hey Quinlyn! I got a Cbox! Yay!