Monday, August 10, 2009


Hey Everyone!

Thanks for being patient and sticking with me while I updated my blog! My blog and Picasa updates were: I re-did my profile and put a new profile image up. This is it:
It was taken in a photo studio, and my mom let me bring Kirsten in her matching dress! :D I got those dresses for my 10th birthday and finally got my picture made in them. :)

Also, I did a whole new Picasa albums set up. For my doll albums, you can still go HERE. I changed my name there to QuinnyAGFan. But for my albums of people for this blog I have put at my new Picasa, HERE. I will put both addresses on my sidebar. :) I also hope that you like my new template! It is more "Me" than the other one. The colors are also sort of fallish!

Please tell my what YOU think in a comment! :D



Totally Pink said...

i like your picture i asked my mom if wwe could do that and she said when she gets paid how long will that be! =l

Coconut said...

I love your new background! Also that is a really good picture of you and Kirsten! It always amazes me about how long your hair is! (It must get annoying sometimes! I would know. People are always talking about how tall I am!)

americangirlprincess1993 said...

your picture with your doll is so cute