Monday, July 27, 2009

Cool New Stuff and my 50th post!

Hey Everybody! :D

This is my 50th post! Yay! :D Can you believe it?
I had a great day yesterday! Here are some reasons why:

*I got to see Abbie again, and we had a good time!
*WE GOT A POOL! (Pictures when we get it up!)
*I got a new AG Mag (you can only get it in bookstores, unless you re-subscribed this year)
*I got some new memory cards for my camera! PICTURES AGAIN! LOL

Cool? Yes! And now I have some pictures for you! Sorry about no pictures in the last two posts! Here they are!:
Julie with her guitar!
Kirsten with the Mini's. It looks like Kit is hot. LOL

My new magazine! I got it and Barnes and Noble. I am going to make my dolls the mini mag!
LOOK AT THIS! On the page where all the girls are modeling their favorite outfits, THERE WAS AN 11 YEAR OLD GIRL NAMED QUINLYN! SHE EVEN SPELLS HER NAME THE SAME AS ME (a lot of the time, you see it spelled Q-u-i-n-l-a-n). I couldn't believe it!

I also got some rollers (finally)! I have curled my doll's hair!
All of them in the bag.
Yay for pictures! LOL
Also, do you guys like my new background? Please vote on my poll and comment! :)
Speaking of comments, thanks SO much guys for commenting so much! I love comments! :D You guys are awesome!


Coconut said...

I've seen my name in an AG mag before too! How big is your pool. Mine is 7 feet deep at the deepest. One time the pool "wires" (can't remember what they are really called) they almost set our house on fire! I wasn't there but my dad's friend was and they called 911. It didn't hurt our house at all luckily!

Totally Pink said...

That happened to me too! I was reading an ag mag and wow. Same name C-l-a-i-r-e and she was from california like me and she is a procrastinater like me!
sorry bad spelling. It was weird I got the magizine even though my mom didn't renew my subsription!


Cali Hazelwood said...

Hi! I love the picture of Julie playing the guitar. ;-)


Jerica said...

Hi,that's weird I'm getting a pool in a few days and also I got a new AG magazine recently.Oh and I like Julie's guitar!


Rachel said...

Hi Quinlyn! Thanks for stopping by our blog and entering our giveaway! =:D It's very nice to meet you sweetie! I hope that you will stop by again!

I have an AG doll as well (Kirsten)! I got her when I was about 13 I think? My sister has two, Josephina and Kayley (an older AG of Today doll). =:)

Blessings in Christ!
~Miss Rachel~

Quinlyn said...

Hi Miss Rachel!

Oh, your welcome! I like your blog! Thank you for stopping by mine! :)

That is cool that you own Kirsten and your sister owns Josefina and Kayley! :)

Have a wonderful day!


Elizabeth J. said...

Quinlyn, thanks for asking to be added to my blogroll. I add you.=)

Chris said...

Hi I was wondering how many american girl dolls do u have? I have 3. Check out my blog @