Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A cute Picture!

Hey Guys! :)

Here is a cute picture I took outside of Julie rollerskating! :)
Like it? :) It might be included in a contest entry I am doing, but I'm not sure. :) I like in the picture how there is Julie's shadow right next to her! :D
Onto other things! LOL
I fixed my doll hairbrush! Well, not completely (My dad still needs to glue it), but I can use it again! Yay! LOL Julie's hair was getting just a wee bit tangled! Warning to those who want Julie: Her hair needs to be brushed a lot! LOL
Also, please enter Libby's Miss Dolly contest at http://libbyandnicki.wordpress.com! I am going to! :D Good luck to everyone who enters!
Bye for now, and have a great day! :)


Melissa said...

This picture is great! I love how her shadow is right by her.


Quinlyn said...

Thank you, Melissa! :)

Coconut said...

Your pic is awesome! I am trying to enter the contest! I still need to finish the shirt I'm knitting for mini Julie though! It was easy doing the knitting part, cuz, she's so small! I just have to sew it together! PS, my doll brush brakes sometimes too! And I did a new photostory/craft!

Anonymous said...

hmm, I commented yesterday but the comment is missing.

Puppyluv luvs your blog!And likes the picture of julie. Puppyluv knits too! Puppyluv will be regularly checking your blog!


Libby said...

Thanks for mentioning Miss Dolly :)
Julie looks so cute! :)