Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Big Six and Coot Club Movies

Hey Guys! :)

Well, a couple of days ago my little brother, my grandmother Mimi and I watched two movies, The Big Six and Coot Club. They are great movies! :D The Big Six is about 6 kids who love boating. They have a club called the Coot Club, and they have their own little hideaway boat with all the trimmings. But what happens when they are accused of setting other boats loose? You will have to find out! :)

Coot Club is another movie about the six kids. Some of them go sailing with a women friend, but one of the boys had cut a big fancy boat loose because it was parked near a Coot nest, and the mother wouldn't come near the nest. What will happen? You will have to find out! :)

These were wonderful movies that I highly recomend you watch. My little brother Michael also REALLY liked these movies, so if you have a younger brother or sister, they might like it a lot, too! :)



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Sound like fun!

Lindsey said...

I've seen those movies! My mom is insane about them!